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Factory quality right hand drive conversions

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Converting a Left Hand Drive (LHD) vehicle to Right Hand Drive (RHD) is a complex process and there are only a few providers around the world who can truly do this well. If you’re sending your vehicle overseas to be converted, you want an experienced provider you can trust. At US World Direct we’ve been providing factory quality conversions on a wide range of vehicles for more than 10 years and shipping these all over the World.


As well as being one of the World leaders for Right Hand Drive Conversions of most American vehicles, we also convert all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.

quality right hand drive conversions

Right Hand Drive Conversion for all makes, models and types of Left Hand Drive Vehicles including:

US World Direct Specialist in RHD conversions in new zealand

Cars, Vans, Trucks and SUVs

US World Direct right hand drive conversion for fleet vehicles

Fleet Vehicles

Right hand conversion for buses


Right hand conversion for Specialist vehicles

Specialist Vehicles (Ambulances, fire trucks, police cars)

Right hand conversion for all-terrain vehicles

All-Terrain Vehicles

Left to drive hand drive conversion for brand new cars, used cars, and classic cars

Brand New, Used & Classic Cars

Converting a left hand drive motorhome vehicle


Right hand Drive conversion for limousines


Right hand drive conversion for armoured vehicles

Armoured Vehicles

Right hand conversion for American Vehicle

Most Popular American Models

Making the impossible possible

With a network of global contacts and suppliers, we pride ourselves on our ability for finding hard to come by vehicles.

If you’re looking for a new or used RHD or LHD or searching for a particular type of speciality or custom vehicle.

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When you purchase a premium quality vehicle, you want to a premium quality service!


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